I understand that selective eating disorder is not a choice

As an experienced ARFID specialist and food therapy expert featured on TV and radio, my mission is to guide you in healing and transforming your relationship with food.

I provide a gentle and highly effective therapy-based approach

to empower individuals facing the challenges of Selective Eating Disorder (SED) or Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), facilitating transformative change.


I’m Anthony

I’ve seen firsthand how the healthcare system fails individuals with avoidant and selective eating disorders – You’re labelled as a fussy eater, told to eat when hungry, but you know it’s deeper than that.

This flawed approach leaves you isolated, dismissed, and doubting your ability to live a normal life.

Over six years ago, I saw the urgent need for a liberating path from restrictive eating. One without unnecessary stress or anxiety that comes from traditional treatments.

In just one therapy session, my clients experience remarkable transformations, discovering newfound freedom and the ability to embrace life once again.

Anthony Tait, Selective Eating Disorder Specialist

My Signature 3-Step Process

Unlock the Power of Knowledge

Feel supported and understood by getting the answers to questions you’ve held on to for years. You’ll walk away understanding the causes of selective eating disorder and how this affects your behaviour.

Bridge the Gap

Next, we focus on rewiring the part of your brain that confuses food as a threat. By tapping into your motivation for change and envisioning your desired outcome, you’ll rewrite the mental script, freeing yourself from negative and fearful perceptions of these foods.

The Catalyst for Change

With the heavy lifting done, I’ll guide you into a relaxed state, which acts as the catalyst for change. In this receptive state, overcoming your phobia becomes easier, leading to lasting results with greater ease.

Reclaim your health, career and relationships

If you’re restricting your food, you’re restricting your life

I understand how difficult life can be when affected by ARFID. This condition can take a toll on your entire life – from your health, career to relationships.

If you’re affected by ARFID, you can overcome the condition and get your life back

Selective Eating, ARFID treatment

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With a focus on immediate results and a personalised approach, my therapy sessions have helped countless individuals overcome lifelong challenges with food and regain their freedom and confidence.