A terrified mother faces her worst fear in Extreme Food Phobics: mayonnaise

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A mother-of-three who was ‘repulsed’ by mayonnaise and found feeding her children vegetables ‘traumatic’ due to a lifetime fear of food was cured in just an hour on Extreme Food Phobics. 

Jennifer Miller, 38, from Birmingham, lived predominantly on plain chicken breast and bread as a result of a crippling phobia of eating ‘sloppy food’, which began as a child. 

The engineer admitted she had issues weaning her three children because she was unable to touch baby food that looked ‘like sick’ and said she relied on feeding them chips or nuggets from the freezer. 

‘Ever since I can remember I’ve had an issue with food’, said Jennifer. ‘Having a bad relationship with food is not good, you can go down a dark path. 

‘I’m constantly thinking how guilty I feel for my kids, they don’t see me touching food or eating it. I’m scared of vegetables and it sounds unusual but I am scared of them, I’m sweating thinking about it.”

‘My role as a mother is to teach my children what’s good in the world what’s bad in the world and if I’m teaching them that vegetables are scary and vegetables are bad, what kind of mother am I?’ 

Jennifer lived predominantly off plain chicken breast and white bread, confessing that her eating habits mean she has ‘constant fatigue’.

‘I’ve been like it all of my life,’ she went on. ‘I’ve always found my hair doesn’t grow, my nails are brittle.

‘If I could conquer this, this would be life changing and it would change my family’s life as well.’ 

While chatting to the show’s host, Dr Ranj Singh, she revealed her diet ‘impacts every aspect of her life’ and that she can’t remember ever eating normally. 

‘I get really embarrassed because I have the diet of a four-year-old and it wasn’t until I started to have kids I realised how bad it is,’ she said. 

Read more about Jennifers story here. What to know more about our ARFID Therapy? Learn more here.

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